Saturday, December 15, 2018

Day 6

"Emigrant Road"
8" x 8"
oil in canvas

As your are coming into Bridgeport from the north there is a road on the left before you get to the rodeo and the Shell Station. It takes you through the back of the town and past barns, houses and even an old church. 
Emigrant Road. 
  1. a person who leaves their own country in order to settle permanently in another.
    "emigrant workers" · 

    stranger · visitor · nonmember · odd man out · foreigner · alien · 
And now I have in idea for tomorrow. I was thinking this was the last of  Bridgeport for a while but there's one more in the works. Ahh tomorrow.

And cudos to my partner in this pursuit Jim D'Evelyn. Here's the link to our mutual challenge that he aptly named 'Timemaking'.

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