Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 2011

This was my summer to teach. Although the mornings were free, I just didn't get any painting done. Here is the grand total of two that I did recently. I have to rethink this. Both of these were done really fast. The flowers in a morning and the landscape is from a recent event in east Hollywood called Artcycle. They had a plein air paint-off. The paintings had to be done between 2 and 6pm. I didn't finish teaching until almost 5. I rushed through traffic,  set up and just decided not to think about the fact I had a half an hour to paint. I got an honorable mention! One thing that was kind of bad was that I didn't see what Sarah was painting. We did the exact composition which was my bad. Sarah is a wonderful friend and if she was mad, she didn't say anything