Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Day 10

"Mia's Farmers' Market Radishes"
oil in canvas
8"x 10"

While I was deep in thought about why I am painting and what I am painting, Mia came home from New York where the farmers' markets aren't so bountiful. She left these on the counter. Opps. I couldn't stop looking at them. 
They went to the studio with me this morning and came back on the train in much worse shape. 
John Lincoln - "when you see ART you can't stop looking at it"
Artist Ann Bridges and Photographer Jim DEvelyn are collaborating on producing one work each day for 30 days. Ann lives in California, and Jim in Washington. No theme or common thread as we begin, yet if one comes forth we may pursue it. Enjoy!
Please go to Timemaking to see our work day by day

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