Tuesday, October 16, 2012

today things started to come into focus

I spent the week end priming and sanding the utility box in between classes. It is really physical work and as I was cleaning the box people glanced me as if I was just crazy.
But today things started to come into focus. With a clean smooth surface, I got to work. 
I'm working for the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District. They are really committed to having public art in the neighborhood and once again I am touched and moved with how much people want to have art in their environment. There was a constant stream of supportive complimentary and encouraging people from every walk of life. I have amazing security support. Officer Rudy was sort of miffed that I didn't call him when a schizophrenic homeless person got a little close and another homeless man intervened and then they got in a shouting match. The wild guy started shouting and carrying on and went away and then ran back to me and threw a dollar in my supply case then ran away again and shouted that the dollar was for me and not for the guy who was helping me out. I'll save the dollar.

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