Sunday, October 7, 2012

catching up but still daily painting

On Wednesday afternoon my iPhone ( aka my brain) went missing..... while it was a strange rest to not have any calls or things I had to respond to, it did put me out of touch with my blog. So here is the catch up.  I was working on this when I realized pandora had stopped playing, I went to the computer and the cable was there but my phone which had been acting as the airport was gone.......
That's as far as I got.

Thursday morning is my day to drive to Murrieta to teach and I have been painting along with the class. They like it and it keeps me on track. Here's a link to the blog I keep for them.

Then Friday I got to get this one in.....

and next day work in this

and today I finished the above, but the photo was full of glare- will include tomorrow and started on the final version of the Wiltern,

I haven't said too much because I'm so happy and nervous about this project. The box at Wilshire and Western! I have two strong possibilities and an idea for a third. Needs to be in by Wednesday. Stay tuned. 

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