Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's a little harder to teach and paint than one would imagine. I love all the activity in the studio. No kidding. It's a real gift but I've gone some days without doing any work of my own. I worked in the plein air class on Sunday but today there was a little break so I went out on the deck. It was gray and soupy and cold. But we have the  possibility of rain - no complaints from me!

Several opportunities  have come up to show my work. The Long Beach Library has an exhibit of about 20 paintings that were studies for the signal control cabinets I did over the past several years. I think they stand on their own.
And Saturday night I have 10 paintings in the fresh stArt art show and sale in Santa Monica.  The last time I did this event I sold 11 pieces and it's a fun party. 
Here's a link.

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