Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Saturday I had to teach all day so it didn't matter that a big rainstorm was forecast. Today I started out an had a class at 9 and was thinking I could just go right down to Long Beach and get side three finished. I loaded the car and called Sarah Arnold who lives in LB and is the only person I trust to tell me if the weather is really too bad to go out. She said it probably was too wet so I stayed home and I'm soo glad I did. It's really a mess. The garage flooded- because our rain gutters were clogged. I had to go on the roof in a torrential downpour to clean them out. It took all afternoon to get warm again. I'm working on a blog for my class in Murrieta. Should also do major work on my website. An enforced day inside is almost a good thing.

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