Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Touching up

I've been out doing some small paintings and as usual bring them back to the studio about 80% finished. Here are four I just worked on again.
I feel like they are resolved.

Antelope Valley
Oil on canvas 

I got lucky enough to get out to Palm Springs to see my friend Lynda Keeler's show also in April. Just had time to do two little paintings from her yard.

Afternoon Light
Oil on canvas
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Then a couple of weeks ago I went out to find these palm trees on the road between Valencia and Ventura. I was going to paint them last year on a freezing cold day. I didn't know if I could find them again or if they were as cool as I remembered. So glad to see them again on a beautiful warm day.

"Palms at Fillmore "
Oil on canvas
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