Friday, December 28, 2012

Last side finished.....

I finished this side yesterday just in time for the December art walk. Even got the four coats of graffiti protection. I'm exhausted. If you look at the clearance between the box and the street, it's not much. I'll measure but it's less that 36". I put on layers and layers of clothes and at one point earplugs. Started working in the rain one day but it stopped and all was well in the end. 
This side of the street was a little easier because there wasn't the constant spill of people getting off the Metro and busses but there was a major bus and trucks and people. Mostly lots of supportive and appreciative people but some funny stories. One ten year old girl came by with her mom and in kind of a hysterical voice said, "what if you make a mistake?" Now there's a real artist in the making.

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