Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tuesday night and some good news

this is from saturday. I'm sort of behind so now I'm posting yesterdays and I actually even have a painting that I'm really excited about but it's too dark to take a photo. tomorrow.

the good news is all over the place. I knew I get to do 2 more signal boxes but thought I'd have to wait for some kind of artist rotation. but yesterday I got my contracts for the two and an additional box with the botanicals!!! yessss.
and Mia is really coming along. All summer and early fall, I have been working as the assistant for the Peeps line. Miraculously, we went into production on three designs and I was the go to person in LA providing assistance with pattern and sample making, industrial snaps, fabric, shipping and a whole lot of stuff that I know nothing about. But she got a pretty big order form a store in Manhattan and we filled it and here it is- this morning

Leather tassel crop topeCamel trench jacket

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