Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Watermelon Pluoits

9" x 12"
We bought these pluoits at the Farmer's Market on Sunday. They are called Watermelon Pluoits for their wonderful pink color I'm guessing. I made arrangements to start my signal box cabinet in Long Beach next week. I'll try to keep daily painting but the boxes will be a huge physical job. I really fell off this week. I think this is only my 13th blog and today is the 23rd of June. Part of the problem is how hard it is to work at home. I started getting little spots of paint in the house then ended up on Sunday dropping a tube out of my french easel and someone stepped on it and brought permanent green footprints in and all over the rugs. So I lost a day renting a carpet cleaner and trying to get them out. ahhhhhhh not a new story unfortunately.

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